Recover data from formatted hard drive

Learn how to do  data recovery from formatted hard drive yourself.

After a mistakely format some storage media,just like hard drive,flash drive,micro sd card,CF card and so on.People who do not understand that the files are still there.But you can not read them.So you need help.

But do not worry about this situation,there is no need to pay much dollars for it.

If you want,there are many good data recovery software can help you.

Just as Stellar Phoenix,R-Studio,Data Rescue PC,Recover My Files,GetDataBack,etc.

You might be puzzled why I, as Aidfile data recovery software official speech will describe here  so many different types of products.
In fact, the same as any type of product,different products have different advantages and disadvantages.
These products which I introduced are all  good enough.
Compared with Aidfile, their biggest difference is that “fame”,
Aidfile has unique functional advantages, so sometimes, maybe you’ve tried the more famous products may not help you solve the problem, if Aidfile can help you solve the problem which  can not  be solved by other products.We all be happy.

Aidfile professional data recovery software uses a combination of four industries’ leading provider of data recovery strategies to maximize the user for a variety of different issues of the comprehensive recovery. Even if one of these strategies are not able to finish the job, the rest of the policies can recover a lost file.

Usage tips of the four strategies:
1. Quick recovery of a deleted file, recovery, and recovery by file type – quickly

For recovering deleted files.

2. Recovery of formatted data – quickly

For recovering data from formatted hard drive

3. Fast recovery of partition – quickly.

For recovering data from deleted partitions.

4. Full scan

To recover lost files which can not be recovered by the above three “quickly” ways.

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